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Steve Schwerner

Steve Schwerner, 79, has been an activist for over 60 years. He has marched against segregation, protested the wars in Vietnam and Iraq, done draft counseling during the Vietnam War,

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Romano Ivory

Ivory, a gay man from the Caribbean, has made a life in Brooklyn, although along the way he has faced many challenges concerning his sexuality.

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Robert Scott

It’s hard to exaggerate Robert Scott’s impact on almost two decades of Brooklyn College’s students of color.

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Pedro Batista

Pedro Batista grew up in the Dominican Republic, living with his grandmother and aunts. He didn’t really know his mother who had moved to New York City to work.

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Luisa Russo

Luisa Micelli Russo is a born and bred Brooklynite . . . and proud of where she is from. “Brooklyn, USA,” she tells her daughter Valerie in her oral history.

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Erin Williams

Erin evolved into The Lion Kween when she moved to New York City in July 2014. Once here, she immersed herself in the spoken word poetry culture of Brooklyn and joined a community of buskers.

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