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The Brooklyn College Listening Project was founded by faculty at Brooklyn College (CUNY) in 2014, and formally launched in the spring of 2015. Since then, over 600 students across classes in a wide range of departments— American Studies, English, History, Sociology, TV and Radio, Journalism, Puerto Rican and Latino Studies, Judaic Studies, Music, and more—have conducted interviews with their families, neighbors, friends and strangers. We have collected over 350 audio recordings of interviews in an on-line digital archive.
The Listening Project is designed to create new links between the college and the communities of Brooklyn, to take better advantage of the incredible wisdom of everyday people, and to showcase the brilliance of our students, and the community in which we all live—Brooklyn, New York City, and beyond.
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This website gives you a taste of our students’ work. If you want to listen to or browse though more oral histories, the archive is available at Shared Shelf, a digital archive
Special Thanks & Credits

Students in Prof. Jonathan Zalben’s Music Technology class in the Media Scoring Program of Brooklyn College’s Feirstein School of Cinema Studies created most of the podcasts.  Thanks to Jonathan Zalben and Simon Brown, Michael Cassedy, Daniel Chynsky, John Cleary, Travis Devin, Eamon Dingle, Matt Fountain, Jesus Gerdel, Tamara Kachelmeier, Sara Landeau, Joshua Loell and especially Leah Shaw.

Prof. Miguel Macias created the Gentrification podcast and Prof. Joseph Entin did the same for the podcast based on Robert Scott’s oral history.

Many thanks to President Michelle Anderson and Dean Richard Greenwald for their support.

Many, many thanks to Shanthony Exum of Shanthony Art and Design of Brooklyn, N.Y. who designed this website and helped to make something that was just an idea into a reality.

This website was created with the support and funding of the Whiting Foundation

For More Information Contact

Joseph Entin, English and American Studies: jentin@brooklyn.cuny.edu

Madeline Fox, Sociology and Children’s Studies: madelinefox@brooklyn.cuny.edu

Miguel Macias, Television and Radio: mmacias@brooklyn.cuny.edu

Philip F. Napoli, History: pnapoli@brooklyn.cuny.edu

Jessica Siegel, English and Journalism: jsiegel@brooklyn.cuny.edu

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